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Today is #SpiritDay and to celebrate, my outfit today is purple. #NoH8 @Glaad


Hair: Spellbound: Catrina, Unnatural Dyes, TDSF5 - Day Of The Dead
Top: Blueberry: Luxe Box October
Skin: Mai Bilavio: Heather 8, Limit8
Nails: Bella Elephante: Starlight, Prismagica
Shoes: Essenz: Lima, Purple, The Imaginarium Gift
Bag: Mello: Kitty Moon Purse, Deep Purple, The Imaginarium
Choker: Hazy: Eclipse Look 6, gacha
Eyeshadow: Bloom: Witch Star, Cosmetic Fair gift
Skirt: QE: Urban Denim Skirt, Batty Purple, Trick Or Treat Lane
Head: Catwa: Kimberly Bento
Body: Maitreya: Lara
Shape: Own

Pet: MishMish: Anti Scary Squad, Luna, C88 (Thanks Aime!)

Pose: Verocity: Poetic 2
Location: Blue Orange Art Gallery
Artwork: "Industrial  landscape" by Xirana

Draw the Line


Hair: Magika: Plenty, group gift
Shoes and socks: Foxes: Spooky, White/opaque, Epiphany October
Necklace: Mynx: Cloud, Silver, Limit8
Top: TRS: Greta, Pirate, 10L cheapie at Mad Circus 3 Event
Skin: Pumec: January #4, Pocket gacha October
Lipstick: Essences: Bianca, Kustom9 cheapie 9L$
Glasses: Air: Fiore, black, luckyboard (no group needed)
Nails: Alaskametro: Lady Venom, On9
Gloves: Silvan Moon Designs: Belladonna Ravenwood, Timeless hunt prize
Skirt: Snatch: Fluffy velvet skirt, black, old Luckyboard no group
Head: Catwa: Kimberly Bento
Body: Maitreya: Lara
Shape: Own

Pose: An Lar: Pip mini series, Limit8
Cup: ChicChica: LoveRain #1, Pocket Gacha October
Location: Chouchou
Windlight: Tron light soft

Loving the light


Skin: Pumec: December 1, Pocket Gacha Oct.
Bag: Belle Epoque: Satchel, Redeux gift
Choker: Cheeky: Love, Redeux gift
Eyes: (Oo)Yuki: Love me, Kustom9 cheapie 9L$
Nails: Ambrosia: Nail Limit8 gift
Sweater: The Secret Store: Melody, Beige, old C88
Hair&hairbase: Mina: Myla, Reds, old Thereafter
Shoes: Fame femme: Kitty Boots, Black, Season's Story
Skirt: Alaskametro: Joan, Midnight
Head: Catwa: Kimberly Bento
Body: Maitreya: Lara
Shape: Own

Pose: An Lar: The Daria Series, Two, old The Avenue
Location: Sol Existence
Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic Ambient

13thOct2017 Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story on the new Galleria Kakku roof! 12-2pmSLT on Fridays: Pictures

Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story on the new Galleria Kakku roof! 12-2pmSLT on Fridays

NEW Designs by Isaura: Dinkie Toga Outfit

New fantastic release comes from Designs by Isaura: Dinkie Toga Outfit. She also provides a male version. This outfit will work for any costume party or rp. And I might just run around wearing it for the sake of it being so fancy. It comes with a Laurel Crown. I used an earlier release for hair and if you want to find sandals to fit, the ones that came with the Cleocatra outfit are pawfect!

Outfit: Designs by Isaura: Dinkie Toga Female
Hair: Designs by Isaura: Dinkie Khaleesi Hair

Location: Museums of Archaeology
Windlight: mine

Admiring The Art and Fancy Fashion

I really loved this Peeps outfit soon as I put it on, so I wanted to show it to you. It comes with huds to change colors! And I have been meaning to blog from Miss Longtail's place for a while now. Make sure to visit the upstairs of her store building, to see the gallery. She is also a live singer in SL.


Skirt and sweater: Peeps: Dinkies Bobble Knit Sweater & Skirt Set
Boots from the outfit: Peeps: Brr It's Cold Boots Plain
Hair: Moon: Fallon, fatpack, Luxebox Sept, use Un-Rigged for dinkies etc
Avatar details: Pieni's page

Pose: Double Take: Gumdrop, in stride - all the things, Prismagica

Location: Miss Longtail's, Haven Shire
Windlight: PinkPurple

6th of October, 2017: Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story! Pictures:

6th of October, 2017: Rainbow Tinies at Galleria Kakku roof for the first time. DJ Story! Friends! Pawsomes! Here are the pictures: