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Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story today 12Noon-2pmSLT

Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story today 12Noon-2pmSLT. Dancing, friends, fun. Everyone ish welcome. Moderate sim (no nudie bits).

Gift store and other surprises at Petite Village

 Petite Village is always full of new surprises. I love snooping around and finding new treasures.
 The latest addition is a gift store for Dinkie Boutique!

 You can find gift boxes with original graphics to go with your gifts!
Or how about a personal greeting card with beautiful original designs? You can add a notecard with a message, too.
 There are several options for stylish giftbags. With or without an adorable kitten!
 And of course you can buy someone a giftcard to Dinkie Boutique!
 I have to admit the totebags got my attention.
 Not sure how this little shop is different from the rest? Read the sign!
 The gift store is between Dinkie Boutique accessories and the mainstore.
I adore the light and comfortable style of decorating.
 Lycia even managed to fit a little stage and a barbeque cafe in the corner!
 Petite Village is great for shopping and for spending some quality time in.

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