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Mad Hats by Lingsais selling full permission mesh for creators

Mad Hats by Lingsais has gone through a big change from selling dinkie clothing to selling full permission mesh for dinkie creators.
The new store is at Petite Village.
Look for the Mad Hats entrance next the shoe shop.

New release "Cold Shoulder Dress and Shirt" includes "Normals, Specular, 2 AO per mesh and UV and the Mesh".

The old store is still availble, too, though.

* Images in this post all by Lingsais

New Ava Little dinkie furniture gacha and separate pieces at Petite village!

There is awesome dinkie furniture available by Ava Little at Petite Village! This new gacha is fantastic. They also have some gorgeous pallet furniture, artworks, and my favorite: a stylish table with chairs. Look around for more decorative items. Petite Village is full of treasures!

Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story 12Noon-2pmSLT at Galleria Kakku roof.

Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story 12Noon-2pmSLT at Galleria Kakku roof. Bring friends. Everyone welcome. Moderate sim. Images updated during event.

Yesh, Well gacha yardsale has a new location

Yesh, Well has a new location, thanks to a generous friend. I put the gacha items for sale that I do not need. I have the new stuff, and good older things. The prices are low. Rares 100$L, commons below pull price. Check it out. Let me know, if you are looking for something that I may not have set up for sale yet, message Pieni inworld.

Miss Longtail live at Cafe Musique

Miss Longtail sings live at Cafe Musique, Mondays 11am-12NoonSLT
(Make sure to subscribe on her tipjar, to catch more available shows!)