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24thNov2017 Rainbow Tinies event pictures

Dj Story and Rainbow Tinies on the roof of Galleria Kakku in Mieville

New fashion for dinkies

Quick post with some new dinkie fashion releases. The outfit from Kamasa includes a cap and jacket, which look really cool. The hat is rigged, though, so I could not show it on this avi mod.

Jacket: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies hooded jacket, fleurs
Top, pants, shoes: Kamasa at Tiny Inc.: Dinkie NCO, Cotton1
Necklace: Izzie's: D Gem (old item)
Hair: Ploom: Jinx, Indecisive (Ploom hairs are on Marketplace only now)
Pieni's avi info.

Location: Petite Village
Windlight: Places Las Legunas

Raglan Shire Talent Show 19th November, 2017! The Pictures.

Not everyone was properly rezzed, I am sure, as my computer was not made for super power use. But I love the Talent Show so much. So much talent! SO much fun! The silliness levels and the pawsome levels are through the roof! Often literally! Thank you to everyone involved! Yay friends!
(The talented Pye made a fantastic video of the event!)