ArtWalk 2017 starts 14th of May!

It is time for ArtWalk 2017! This is the 12th ArtWalk! May 14 - June 18, 2017 will be a creative time at the Raglan Shire Sim Cluster in Second Life. As tradition holds, a couple days before the opening of the huge exhibit, artists and their partners are eager to reserve a piece of the famous hedge. Hedgesitting can be a meditative process, rather than just sitting on a hedge, some "become the hedge". Or bring a chair, even a bed. Some people, like a certain blogger fox, set up too soon, due to forgetful silly minds, no wonder I felt like someone was staring at me. Others are careful to wait until 9am, the go time. Go go go! (No peeking yet, it opens on 14th!).


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