More from Art Walk: Gifts and The Classroom

Raglan Shire Art Walk 2017 related vendor items and gifts are at the Raglan Tree Gallery, which still has the exhibits of Suzume Zuki and Pieni until end of May.

Up in the air the Classroom might seem a bit remote, but you can get to it by a slingshot teleport from anywhere. And you can take the rope slider down to the Barrel House when you are done.

I loved the art of Grazietta Cazenove that I found there.
Lee (freedom.voix) and Sarah Beth (Late night pie project) were new to me, too.

Umiko Juriya was one of the familiar faces.
As were Panacea Pangaea who runs Raglan Tree Gallery, 
Kayly Iali from Galleria Kakku (on the left with pet paintings)
 and Burphel Recreant (on the right).


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