Chinese Chill

MoShang, from Taiwan, has his own place in Second Life called Comfort Zone for events and his album download vendor. He has a regular Chinese Chill set there every Sunday "in time for sunset". The events consist of his live "original jazzy chilltronica" music and chatting over the tunes. He has a very interesting way of mixing sounds. The subscriber to follow his events gives a link to his tunes online (for free). The regulars at his set seem like a fun bunch. Virginia is a friend of mine, who invited me over. She does great readings in Second Life, for example H.P. Lovecraft ones. Mireille and Aeon own the famous Ce Soir Arts, where they generously allowed me to display some of my art for their new Beach exhibit. I asked Francesca the raccoon over to see us, and doesn't she look adorable and ready for party?


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