Daphne Arts has a new exhibit taking inspiration from the seven heavenly virtues. I did not want to spoil the art, but just the surroundings are making it an enthralling experience. Accept the hud on arrival, and follow the instructions, and you will get the best result.

The Silas Merlin statue is used for decoration, but gives the place a fantastic mood. He got a special mention by the curators for applying the mirror effect on the piece.

The artists featured in this exhibit are: Angelika Corral, Fenris, Harbor Galaxy, Magic Marker, Inexorably, Kimeu Kamolla and Sheldon Bergman.

I absolutely loved the effect of the lilies opening to reveal the artworks. The exhibit shows a lot of work on all levels, and is expertly curated by Angelika Corral and Sheldon Bergman.
More information:

Location: Daphne Arts
Windlights: Region

PS. Fenris and Silas are also artists at Galleria Kakku. <3


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