Admiring The Art and Fancy Fashion

I really loved this Peeps outfit soon as I put it on, so I wanted to show it to you. It comes with huds to change colors! And I have been meaning to blog from Miss Longtail's place for a while now. Make sure to visit the upstairs of her store building, to see the gallery. She is also a live singer in SL.


Skirt and sweater: Peeps: Dinkies Bobble Knit Sweater & Skirt Set
Boots from the outfit: Peeps: Brr It's Cold Boots Plain
Hair: Moon: Fallon, fatpack, Luxebox Sept, use Un-Rigged for dinkies etc
Avatar details: Pieni's page

Pose: Double Take: Gumdrop, in stride - all the things, Prismagica

Location: Miss Longtail's, Haven Shire
Windlight: PinkPurple


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