The Haze

The Haze (SLurl) combines my favorite things in Second Life: Art and Storytelling. This exhibit will offer different experiences depending on your mood and how much time you have to put into your visit. You will enjoy just a short pop in, but I recommend really getting deep into the stories and the landscapes.

There is something so special about the art of Silas Merlin, whose sculptures capture an imagination teeming with stories just waiting to pop out. I have written about his art before. He is a talented, accomplished artist in real life as well as in Second Life. His sculptures are great quality builds in addition to their beautiful charm. Combining forces with Ceakay Ballyhoo, Silas has brought a world of stories to life. And the beautiful reading by Cybele Moon works both as a background sound for your own experience, as well as telling the full story of what Silas and CK have created.

There is plenty here to roam through. Find hidden treasures, approach things different ways for differing experiences.

I have to mention, that it is great for people to have the option to listen to the stories, or to read them in writing.

The Haze. 

"A collaboration between Silas Merlin, Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) and Cybele Moon, incorporating mesh sculptures, sketches, paintings, textures and storytelling to create a sim wide experience".

Full story.
Their Flickr group for pictures by visitors.

(Now open!)


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