Hopping between Art Walk 2018 and home galleries

I am back at Art Walk 2018 in Raglan Shire for my second post.  Here is their calendar, again.

This shot of the artworks by our new Galleria Kakku member Fuyuko '冬子' Amano (wintergeist) came out pretty cool, I snapped it through a tire swing.

It is a nice spot in the sim corner connecting with Raglan Galaxy and Heron Shire.

Fuyuko has her own Galleria Amano at LaPerla.

This is her brand new booth at Galleria Kakku. Click her info signs for more details!

Another brand new artist with a booth in our gallery is Belua Broadfoot, I found her and Fuyuko just last Sunday, when someone had told them to send me their information.

At Art Walk Belua is up on a platform next to Raglan Studios.
A lot of interesting art up there, by people that were new to me, at least.

I am so glad Ingwaz Thor is blogging the artists from Isle of Wyrms group! Check out her post about Kath McGill and the one about Petunia.
Petunia is a talented artist, who has been showcasing at Galleria Kakku from the start.

At Art Walk her works are at the Giraffe hedge. I love the leaf paintings!

Opposite from Petunia at Galleria Kakku is Jamie Curran (Rhylea Bravin), whose recent special exhibit showcased a lot of new art, creativity flowing with this one!

Between groupings of bamboos, at Art Walk, Jamie's works are sure to find admirers.

A lot of hopping around in this post! (It helped having my new free dinkie skateboard from Wee Wonders. I had so much fun with it).

My first post about Art Walk 2018.


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