My Art Walk post 3: Indigo Puddle and Suzume Zuki

Go quick, Indigo's famous greenhouse is only open until June1st! 
Indigo and Suzume have a gorgeous plot at Raglan Commons with her store and his greenroom, and their cute home.

Indigo's art at Art Walk is in the Art Area 2. My friend Jan was kind enough to show me the way.
And we found Suzume's right opposite to his.

Suzume Zuki is also a member of Galleria Kakku. This is her booth.

My Art Walk 2018 post 1
My Art Walk 2018 post 2

(Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic Ambient)


  1. Only up until June 1st? Awww. I hope we'll see it again in the future.


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