My Art Walk 2018 post 5: Jan Ross and his choice of 3 sculptures

3D Enneagram - Monolith 2 by Isadora Alaya  at Heron Shire

bunch o sprinkles by iSkye Silverweb at Athen Shire

Kenetic Storm Base by Vic Titanium of Squirrely Designs at Athen Shire

I wanted to make my post a bit more interesting, so I asked our new Galleria Kakku member Jan Ross to pick three sculptures at Art Walk 2018, that he really liked. A very helpful penguin. These are really nice. Make sure to see some more around the sim cluster.

His booth at our gallery features photographs taken at a custom boat race.

Windlight: DreamyDay, Incongruent Truths, TOR Sunrise Twisted Pixels

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