My Art Walk 2018 post 5: Friends and art

I have featured Silas Merlin in my blog posts quite a bit. He has a lot of talent and experience, and happens to be a very nice guy, too. His Flickr account gives you an idea of his expertise both in real life and inwold.

"Mushroom house miniature 5LI"
Art Walk 2018 has some of his awesome sculptures.

This is a good point to teleport to (on Heron Shire sim) and start discovering more of his work, and those of other Art Walk artists.

Silas Merlin's booth at Galleria Kakku is regularly updated.

I have had close friends happily surprise me lately by uploading their work and turning out to be great artists (friends like Jan Ross). Or they are rather proving over and over my belief that creativity is in all of us one way or another. This time I was invited to see the real life photography of Stranger Nightfire at House of Cannon. I knew he sings and does readings in SL, but now we can add visual arts to his list. I did know he likes art, just not that he makes some, too. I am so glad to be able to tell you, that he has agreed to join Galleria Kakku.

Make sure to visit his booth on Art floor 2.

Last but not least, alongside Art Walk, there are the Raglan Tree Gallery exhibits running on their usual schedule. On the inner walls is the exhibit of Caleb Kit with a fitting theme: Friends and Memories. You better hurry, his turn ends with the month of May.


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